• In low-income countries, children make up half of the victims detected and are mainly trafficked for forced labour. Criminals trafficking children target victims from extremely poor households, dysfunctional families or those who are abandoned with no parental care.
  • In higher income countries, children are trafficked mainly for sexual exploitation, forced criminality or begging. In these countries, child trafficking is generally less detected and typically takes the characteristics of sexual exploitation.
  • Most child victims globally are trafficked for sexual exploitation.
  • In addition to sexual exploitation and forced labour, children are exploited for begging and forced criminal activities, such as drug trafficking, among other crimes.
  • According to the International Organisation for Migration, the extent of family involvement in the trafficking of children is more than four times higher than in cases of adult trafficking.


Sources: Global Report on Trafficking in Persons (February 2021), United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and, International Organisation for Migration.