J.P. O’Sullivan

Network & Communications Manager

JP O’ Sullivan joined MECPATHS in 2017 with a qualified background in Social Work and experience of programme design, development and implementation in Adult Mental Health Services. JP was responsible for the establishment of a community-based ‘back to work’ programme in North Cork which supported the return of young adults to their own communities and their restoration of positive Mental Health. JP also spent eight years working in International Development, with an early experience of working in India as a student Social Worker. As a student Social Worker, JP initially focused on Child Protection Policy Development, Good Practice Programme Management/Implementation and then professionally progressed into Programme Leadership, Monitoring & Evaluation, International Grant Development & Management and Directorship with responsibility for Strategic Planning and Organisational Growth, Policy Development and Best Practice. JP also works in Consultancy for International non-profits and Social Enterprises. He joined The MECPATHS team as a research consultant and also now manages Networks and Communications.