Education and Awareness Raising can be facilitated in various ways depending on the particular requirements of the business, organisation or third level institution:

Classroom style presentation

MECPATHS is available to present in person or via Zoom to as large or small a group as is required.  We can tailor the length of our presentation to suit your needs.

Online Learning

MECPATHS, in partnership with the Department of Justice, will be launching an online learning platform offering education modules for frontline professionals who wish to learn more about the issue of Human Trafficking, what potential indicators to look out for, and what to do should a suspicious situation present itself to them.

This E-Learning Platform Launches on July 30th, check-back for updated information.

Book a Presentation

If you are working in an Irish business, please do get in touch with us and we will be very happy to facilitate a training workshop for you and your colleagues. You can join our growing network of Anti-Child Trafficking Champions across Ireland.

If you are a student or member of Academic staff at a Third Level Institution, we continue to make ourselves available across the academic calendar to present on our work, facilitate educational workshops for students and to help build safeguarding and child protection into existing curricula.

Please email: to schedule a presentation.


In addition to networking and collaborating with many other private, non-profit and statutory bodies, we directly support the Irish Hospitality and Services Sectors by providing awareness raising workshops.

We believe in the strength of collaboration, the non-duplication of services and value-for-money.


Annual Events 

Each year, MECPATHS aims to partner with one major national event or conference.

In 2018, MECPATHS worked with The World Meeting of Families to ensure their accommodation partners received Anti-Child Trafficking training.

In 2019, MECPATHS received the endorsement of The National Ploughing Championships and facilitated training at their partner hotels across County Carlow.

In 2020, MECPATHS partnered with The Children’s Rights Alliance to mark International Children’s Day. The production of an animation supported the projects strategic goal of raising awareness on Child Trafficking with the wider public.

In 2021, MECPATHS plans to host a conference on Child Trafficking, with a particular focus on front-line practitioner experiences in Ireland and across Europe.


“We were introduced to MECPATHS last year by the Irish Hotels Federation. We were so shocked by the statistics for human trafficking for Ireland that we felt we had to do something to try to prevent it happening. The more awareness there is of this social problem, the more progress can be made in dismantling this multi-billion criminal industry. All our team members in Ireland now know the signs that could be an indication of child sex trafficking taking place and, most importantly, they know how to report their suspicions.” 

Sarah Marr, Group Human Resources Manager, PREM Group, Ireland and UK

“We in the hospitality industry and related education sector, therefore, have a huge responsibility in raising awareness around this issue. Training our staff on what warning signs they can be looking out for and how we can all take steps to help counteract this growing worldwide problem. MECPATHS are currently doing some incredible work on this front and have been running very effective workshops with all our first year students here in Shannon over the past year.” 

Dr. Phillip J Smyth, Head of College, Shannon College of Hotel Management.