MECPATHS is a social justice response to the growing prevalence of Human Trafficking (also known as Modern Day Slavery) and the exploitation of people, in Ireland. We collaborate closely with private, statutory and non-statutory agencies and organisations working to counter Human Trafficking including An Garda Síochána and The Department of Justice. We have a special focus on Child Trafficking.

Vision: A responsible world where every child is protected against trafficking for exploitation

Mission: We advocate for child protection from trafficking for exploitation through collaborative action, awareness raising and education


The project was initiated by two Sisters of Mercy, Srs. Patricia O’ Donovan and Mary Ryan, in 2013 and has evolved to employ two members of staff with the day-to-day responsibility for operations. Patricia O’ Donovan rsm rejoined the team on a part-time basis in September 2019 and Mary Ryan RSM continues to meet with the core team quarterly.

“The Congregation of The Sisters of Mercy is committed to responding, where possible, to the global injustice of the trafficking of persons on the island of Ireland. MECPATHS (Mercy Efforts for Child Protection against Trafficking with the Hospitality and Services Sectors) was set up specifically for this purpose. A key response to this serious issue is education, advocacy and awareness raising around its reality today. A further response is determined by the specific situation and should take the form of appropriate referral to official bodies e.g. statutory bodies. The collaborative nature of our work is most effective and we are grateful for the responsiveness of the communities with whom we work.” (The Congregational Leadership Team of The Congregation of The Sisters of Mercy, 2020).


Ann Mara

Education Manager

J.P. O’Sullivan

Networks & Communications Manager

Patricia O’ Donovan rsm

Congregational Coordinator & Founding Member

Mary Ryan rsm

Founding Member