Security Personnel

The security sector has a unique contribution to make to the fight against modern slavery.

The nature of the work means that security personnel gain access to restricted areas; they capture evidence; and they are especially primed to notice issues around safety and criminality.

This sector could have a significant impact on the number of vulnerable people identified and supported, cases reported, and perpetrators prosecuted.  This starts with an awareness of the signs to look out for.


Airline Staff

The vital connectivity that airlines provide delivers tremendous social and economic benefits. However, it can also be misused by traffickers as a means of transporting victims.

Customer-facing employees working in the airport environment and including check-in and gate agents, security screeners and cabin crew, can be an important source of intelligence when they are able to spot the signs of trafficking.

Imbed IATA’s animated video explaining how the Human Trafficking intersects with the Aviation Industry

Social Workers

Social workers have a fundamental role to play in the identification of child victims of trafficking.

In Ireland, child victims of trafficking are usually referred to the mainstream child protection services by An Garda Síochána and some are identified by the mainstream social work service or the service for unaccompanied minors.  The provisions and full protection of the Childcare Act are applied to identify child victims of trafficking. All children who are identified as victims of trafficking are subject to a full care order and are therefore awarded a guardian.

Where an unaccompanied child is identified as an alleged victim of trafficking he/she will be immediately referred to the Social Work Team for Separated Children seeking Asylum.