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    About Us

    About Us

    Awareness, Education & Advocacy

    MECPATHS was originally established in 2013 by two Sisters of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy, Srs. Patricia O’ Donovan and Mary Ryan.  It has since evolved to employ a team with the day-to-day responsibility for operations.  It was founded in response to the emergence of Child Trafficking as a growing human rights and social justice issue in Ireland.  MECPATHS collaborates closely with private, statutory and non-statutory agencies and organisations working to counter Child Trafficking including An Garda Síochána and The Department of Justice. 

    Our vision is a responsible world where every child is protected against trafficking for exploitation.  Our mission is to advocate for child protection from trafficking for exploitation through collaborative action, awareness raising and education.

    MECPATHS works to raise awareness on Child Trafficking and educate frontline and emerging professionals on how to recognise indicators and report their concerns to the authorities.

    About Us

    Our Values

    Childrens Rights

    We advocate for a child’s dignity and right to be protected from trafficking for exploitation.


    Recognising every child’s inherent vulnerability, we believe in the right of children to be free from exploitation, which can potentially have a lifelong impact. We uphold their rights by championing the full implementation of international and domestic laws concerning the rights of the child.


    We raise awareness of the reality of child trafficking for exploitation in society today to inform and equip individuals and groups with information that promotes responsible action.


    We acknowledge that child trafficking for exploitation requires a cohesive approach. To this end, we believe in the power of partnership and networking, sharing of resources and experiences, and openness to deliver a multi-faceted response. We value and actively seek partnership with those supporting and working to counter child trafficking for exploitation.


    Our work is motivated by our passion for children’s rights and we respond with compassion to the injustice of child trafficking from exploitation.

    Our Key Achievements in 2023

    Frontline Professionals Educated
    Emerging Professionals Educated
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    Team Core Competencies

    Ann Mara
    Education Manager
    J.P. O’Sullivan
    Network & Communications Manager
    Who Helps Us

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