Spirit Radio interview with MECPATHS

MECPATHS Education Coordinator Ann Mara speaks to Wendy Grace of Spirit Radio about the work of MECPATHS, the distinguishable difference between Human Trafficking and Sex Trafficking in Ireland. Ann further explores the vulnerability of Children and discusses the 750,000 predators who sit online, waiting to exploit and groom the vulnerable.

With 4.5 million children trafficked globally each year, Ann details the role which The Hospitality Sector has in reducing these numbers and explores the ways we, as a nation in Ireland, can work to counter Child Trafficking.

As a project of The Congregation of The Sisters of Mercy, we are very happy to support any hotels in Ireland who would like to avail of our Education and Information Programmes. Please do get in touch, directly, should your hotel wish to reach out for our support info@mecpaths.ie

You can listen to Ann’s Interview here: