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    Tusla Staff Workshops (2022-24)

    MECPATHS has been working with Tusla since 2022 to help raise awareness around Child Trafficking amongst their staff. In 2023, over 800 Tusla staff, including those working in Residential Care, Fostering and Adoption, Intake and Duty, and the Unaccompanied Minors & Separated Children’s Team, participated in MECPATHS workshops. 

    Each workshop is facilitated across 3 hours and covers topics such as: 

    • The Definitions of Trafficking in Persons with a particular focus on Child Trafficking, 
    • Child Trafficking statistics within the Global and Irish contexts including official statistics and International agency projections, and 
    • Different types of Child Trafficking and associated Indicators to support victim identification.


    MECPATHS has travelled to various locations across the country to facilitate multiple workshops for Tusla Staff.  


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