World Earth Day 2018

As the world takes a moment of pause to mark World Earth Day, 2018, we are drawn to reflect on the consequences of the ongoing degradation of the planet. The Sisters of Mercy continue in their work to draw attention to the world around us, to the important role each person, and living thing plays in making up the world. MECPATHS, as a project of the congregation, so too recognises the role climate change can play within the world of Human Trafficking.

Communities, and individuals, who are reliant on land, the seas, the oceans and rivers for survival have seen a great reduction in their ability to draw from the world around us as climate change takes hold. With a reduced income or ability to provide for their families, many are drawn to other parts of their respective countries and continents for alternative means of providing and surviving. With promises of better lives, of increased income and more positive futures for their children, many adults find themselves in situations which are not, ‘as promised’. They are exploited, they are abused, they are sold and bought, and they are trafficked. They become trapped and alone.

The world around us impacts on each of us in different ways- it can be positive, it can be challenging, it can provide a path of joy and harmony or a winding road of darkness and hardship. This World Earth Day, take a moment of pause, and look around you. Take a moment to be grateful and take a moment to think of those whose lives are affected so darkly by the many who take advantage of a weary world which continues to change, rapidly #raiseyourvoice