Ireland: Poverty and social inequality leaves children at risk of sexual exploitation

A report issued by ECPAT International has outlined the challenges facing Ireland in 2018 which facilitate a growing risk of the sexual exploitation of children.

”Social inequality in Ireland is putting some children at greater risk of sexual exploitation – with Roma, migrant, refugee and Traveller communities more adversely affected. When income inequality remains high, children from vulnerable and marginalised groups are often denied fundamental human rights, such as access to housing, which exposes them to higher vulnerability and to different forms of violence, including sexual exploitation.” reads the report.

With Ireland continuing to fall behind in its national responsiveness to addressing Child Trafficking, ECPAT suggest “Overall, Ireland has a quite good legislative framework for the protection of children from sexual exploitation. However, the government could strengthen the legal structure even further. For example, by putting in place national complaint mechanisms that are sensitive to child victims, and taking measures that make it easier for victims to seek compensation.”

To access the full report, click hereECPAT International Report: Ireland