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    Child TraffickingDomestic Servitude

    Help keep children safe

    Domestic Servitude

    Domestic servitude involves the victim being exploited in private households. Their movement will often be restricted, and they will be forced to perform household tasks such as childcare and housekeeping over long hours. Victims will usually lead very isolated lives and have little or no unsupervised freedom, but may still attend school.
    Know the indicators
    Children who have been trafficked for the purpose of domestic servitude may:
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    Are you worried about a child?

    You can report anonymously by calling the
    Garda Confidential Hotline or emailing Blue Blindfold 1800 666 111or

    Know It. See it. Say It. Spot the Indicators.

    The signs of child abuse can be hard to spot. We can help you to recognise the signs of abuse with our breakdown of some of the most common indicators to make yourself aware of.